A new age – testing new nutrition


It all started with me buying a juicer for my apartment in Munich. I pulled up the juicer from its box, placed it nicely on the kitchen counter and there it stayed for 4 months, unused. When time came to leave Munich I pondered whether I should take it with me or not, back to Romania. I did. I took it. After all, I might need another piece of moveless furniture in my new apartment.


3 weeks into my new apartment in Romania, Brasov, I welcomed my boyfriend and a very good friend of my mine. I asked them to make the juicer work. I think I knew that if I make my first homemade juice with the bad combination of veggies or even worst, breaking something in the juicer [it is a known fact I am reckless and many times break things first time I use them] I would never look at juicing with kind eyes.


So there we were, 3 friends and 3 cups of carrot&apple freshly squeezed juice. It was a delight. It was heaven on Earth. My taste buds felt a taste they never felt before in any carrot or apple juice. My juicer knew how to do magic.


That happened almost a month ago. Since then I used it a few times, by myself, loved it and started feeling more conscious about nutrition. I started reading a few blogs, seeing a few recipes, and found out that cooking healthy can be fun from Olivia. Yesterday I listed to The China Study – the audiobook – and felt I was growing wings, having a 3rd eye opened.


Today I had lunch and ate only plant based foods: beans, cabbage salad, vegetable soup. It’s been 30 min since lunch and in 2 h I will have a banana. I am very interested to see when I will feel hungry again.


I also drew the conclusion that I can not live without natural juices during the day. I spend 9-10 h at work and fresh juices are not to be found close by and the ones on shelves are not trustworthy. So I will bring a juicer to work and make my own juice every 3-4 h.