I am not much of a cook. My mother was not either so I guess I never took an interest in preparing special food and only learned the basics. Growing up I always had 1 job and university or 2 jobs at the same time, plus a boyfriend, so not much time for cooking experimenting. Plus I was a bit blessed with encountering boyfriends that knew how to work their creativity in the kitchen.  Lucian M. was especially fascinating to watch. Great instinct at assorting spices and herbs. The mind of a cook trapped in the body of a programmer.

Since I came to Germany I kept the simple food for myself and only did elaborate meals for friends, and those events were not so often. Last weekend I had 3 friends over for dinner and I did one of my biggest hits: Farfalle con pesto i broccoli. I also tried to set up the plate so it looks like a bit of poetry and it was a big success. Among the guests was even a non-fan of pasta who, after tasting my recipe, decided pasta is not that bad after all and quite tasty.

Yesterday, I saw on a website a recipe of Spring Orange&Rucola Salad and decided to try it in the evening. 2 big oranges, rucola, pepper, salt, vinegar, olive oil.  Light, springish.