I love dreams

I have the most intense dreams. They are the most intense of all the people I know. One of my favorite topics of conversations is “dreams&dreaming” and I’ve seen that most people don’t remember their dreams as much as I do. I love dreams! I remember that a few months ago I had a whole week when I did not remember what I had dreamt and I was feeling empty.

I usually remember 1 dream per night. When I was at Tao Garden, in Thailand, I used to remember 4 different dreams each morning. It was an amazing time and I think it had to do with all the energy that was present there.

This morning, for example, I remembered 3 dreams I had last night:

– one was a conversation with a friend and I was asking her if she had a job opening for my friend Oana

– a plain crash, out of which I survived and it was not scary at all and I was also with Mihai on the plain and it felt really safe

– a cow trying to give birth. This was the strangest one, and the one I remember best. I was in a room like a stable and in the corner of the room there was this big cow. Lots of people were in the room and they were all looking sadly at the cow: Poor cow, she is trying to give birth for 2 days and if she does not do it today, she will die. I remember nobody was helping her. She was supposed to do this all alone. And I remember I was told to leave the room, as I had some other place to be. As I walked towards the exit I turned around and ran to the cow and sat on the ground next to her. She look at me and I tried to scream and explain to her, in words and body language, how she is supposed to push. I encouraged her and in a few seconds she gave birth to a big baby. Everybody was happy.

I often try to match the dreams to events that happen in my life. For example, my friends Oana and Ancuta are really looking for a new job and it pains me that they can not get better jobs. I have been seeing a lot of Mihai lately and that always feels safe and warm and I am very happy. Also, I have been trying to inform somebody of a decision I made and finally, after a few days of pondering, today was the day I did it.

One of the most amazing dreams I had was when I brought an orchid home. I watered it and I left it in Iasi with Mihai and left for Brasov. While in Brasov, 2 days after my arrival, I dreamt the orchid talked to me and she was asking for water. I called Mihai in the morning and told him to water it and surprise: it was quite dry 🙂

Eh, dream on 🙂

This is Tom Waits.

I don’t know why I chose his picture for this post but it seems all right to me. Maybe he dreams a lot too.

Later Edit:

When I posted this article I got this interesting quote on the left side bar.


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