I have a home

Me and my loved one recently bought our first apartment. And it is a pleasure to live there even if now it looks sterile and lacks furniture and I live half of the time in another city. But I see the grand finale. It is going to be amazing, hommmmy, cozzzzy, sweet as strawberries to live in our pad.

I am hoping that in 2 months we will be done with picking the furniture, transporting it and with all the hassle related to it and also refresh ourselves after the budgetary cuts related to buying furniture 😀

But once we will be there, sitting comfortably on our super comfy sofa (that I just discovered yesterday at 60% off Yeeey!) and look at our white round kitchen table and bird&trees curtains I will be able to really start getting giddy with it.

This means creating wonderful little hand-made-joys like these frames that my friend Meeha made and she inspires us all on her blog Meeha Meeha.

Take a look:



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