Clients from hell :)))) – poor designers

CLIENT: The demo you created is too small. Make it wider.

ME: Is your monitor very large? I optimized it to be around 1024px wide for a variety of monitors.

CLIENT: No, no, it has to fill the screen up. Let me tell you the correct dimensions.

A few moments later.

CLIENT: Make it 20 inches. The perfect width is 20 inches to fill the browser window.

ME: Did you just use a ruler?



CLIENT: We want more Likes on Facebook. We share our page five to seven times a day and nothing…

ME: Where do you share it?

Client: On our wall.

ME: Well, that is not a surprise, since only the people that already Liked your page can see that post.

Client: Where do I share it?

ME: Anywhere else possible.

Client: Oh, I see! Thanks!

He then shares it on my timeline. Five to seven times. 


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