from Guy Kawasaki

Value is different then price. Bring the value to the customer. He will justify paying the price.

You must ship/release. Don’t ship a piece of crap. But ship something!  Make it and then release it.

How you detect an A + player?  You dont have to micromanage him

Design counts. In a world where people say they care about price, (experts say people are price sensitive) actually customers give a great deal about design.

Golden rule for antreprenoures: Some things need to be Believed to be seen   and not: some things have to be seen to believe

Business pitch is like romance dating.  You have 2 solutions: 1. harmony: do you like kids? what music you listen?  bla bla   and     2. Hot or now?  Look at this picture: it is hot or not?    (this is how venture capitalists look at your project when you ask them for money)

Venture capitalists say: we are looking for proven teams  (cei care au propus proiectul) but what they really are looking for is a story: 2-3 people by themselves trying to build the product they themselves want to use.

Before launching a start up create a pre-mortum where you expose possible reasons why the product could die. In this case, remedy step by step each case. Don’t wait for the post-mortum to do this analysis.

As an inovator / entrepreneur you will encounter resistance. Expect it!

Plant seeds – talk to bloggers, people on the forum, tell them about your product, allow them to know it so they can endorse it.

A players hire A+ players   and not B pplayers.   Because most bozos hire a B player which hires a C player and C player hires a D player  – when you get that person into the company you must know that you will be sourrounded by bozos

Jump curves – do not make a thing that is 10% better. do it 1000% better from a point of view


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