Just had my first All-Veggie weekend

I have to admit I was feeling a bit afraid of the last weekend. I had in my mind the idea that I wanted to eat only veggy but was afraid that I would starve, that I would not like the tastes, that I would miss the food I was used to.

So Friday evening and Saturday morning we went shopping for: caju, goji fruits, rice, egg-plant, olive oil, tomatoes, paprika, mushrooms and lots of other stuff.

We ate:

1. bruschetta with plantegg and tomatoes and basilicum

2. antipasti most with plant-egg and paprika and mushrooms left to season in olive oil for at least 4 hours

3. desert: goji fruits pudding [all raw] with cocoa butter

4. rice pasta with all raw sauce: steamed veggies with basilicum

A real treat that contained no salt and made me discover unique tastes I never tried before.

Good part: no hunger, lots of new tastes for my buds, easy to do recipes

Bad part: I feel a bit bloated but that will pass as soon as my body gets used to the mostly plant-mostly raw-diet




One thought on “Just had my first All-Veggie weekend

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