I got tagged/provoked by Manescu cu try my own version of this, so here it goes, top of mind:


I AM … what I am, and what I am needs no excuses 🙂

I WISH I could be 50% naive always

I KEEP old letters of old boyfriends

I WOULD LIKE TO play an instrument

I DON”T LIKE liars and not being financial independent

I AM AFRAID that when I will get old I will lose all memory

I AM SORRY I am such a confused mess many times

I LIKE to dance, read, laugh

I DON’T like that I can’t get really mad, like screaming mad

I DANCE until I am unable to breath

I SING when I am alone in front of my mirror

I NEVER said “I hate you” to anyone


I CRY when I feel hopless

I NEED my friends


Next one tagged: Andreea 🙂


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