The bravest version

“We fear mistakes and failure more than just about anything. We fear mistakes to the point where we don’t even begin to make the changes we know we need to make, or give up when we meet resistance long before the goal has been achieved.

Failure and mistakes are not the problem, of course, it is the fear of them which may keep us from starting a difficult journey or force us to give up even after we mustered up enough courage to at least start. Quitting in itself is not a bad thing—often it is the wisest choice which also takes courage in its own right. But giving up out of an overpowering fear of failure is the kind of quitting that leads to regret, the kind of regret that eats away at you for a very long time.

To paraphrase an old adage, hurt feelings, disappointments, and even embarrassments about past mistakes heal with time, but the regrets about the things we did not do are inconsolable.”

I’m trying to be the bravest version of myself.


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