I can’t believe I have not written or publicly shared a thought on this blog anything since trees still had leaves on.

Here it goes, random thoughts…

7. [although I do not know if I have 7 thoughts to share, but 7 is my lucky number and the day of my birth]

I have been thinking that the worst thing about being in a prison, except for the lack of proper clothing and food, would be, for me, being alone with myself. I’ve met people that enjoy being on their own, for days in a row, or so they say so, and I admit a day or two away from other people does good to me too, but I am my worst judge and my worst enemy. Being alone with myself always gets me into trouble. I cause more problems for myself than anyone else.

6. Last night, with my friend Antonio, I saw a romantic Chinese movie called My Sassy Girl 2, although I was looking for the Korean version which apparently is much better. Anyway, summary of the plot: love story with happy end and Iwould have turned it off but I got interested in watching the interaction between the characters and the culture stereotypes that would be presented. Although they seem to be fragile, due to their skinny appearance, little creamy eyes, the women presented in this movie are fearless, jaw breaking, cruel beings that kick their boyfriends in the head as often as possible, while the men are submisive pets, just happy to be considered as a mate. It was like watching Sailor Moon, my favorite cartoon during childhood, where men also cried and got hit in the head by overpowering women.

5. Since I last wrote, I got as a present, with a beautiful cover dedication, A Thousand Splendid Suns, a 2007 novel by Afghan author Khaled Hosseini, his second, following his bestselling 2003 debut, The Kite Runner, and this is the only book that got me crying. I highly recommend it for the detailed and very intricate look into the Afghan society, for its boldness, sensitivity and beautiful writing.

4. I did 2 firsts and gained 2 precious memories: walked on a frozen lake and got my first kite, both being ideas of a friend called Martin. Both the frozen lake and Martin are a rush of blood to the heart.

Baby steps. This is all for now.

Here is a perfect picture for this post, from NatGeo:

Clouds flow like a river over the lights of Swiss villages as the rising sun crowns the Alps with morning gold in a January 30 picture. To the right, a crescent moon and the bright dot of Venus decorate the paling sky.


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