Cristina runs 7.6km in the Munich Marathon

Cristina did not previously run or even enjoy the idea of running.

I don’t consider myself a sports person. If someone asks me what my hobbies are, most of them don’t need much physical endurance and many of them involve chocolate. Except for hiking. This I do with pleasure because conquering a peak gets a massive rush of adrenaline into my head and makes me happy.

But if I was to sum up my sportive activities, prior to coming to Germany, they would be like this:

– played handball in the school team in Gymnasium and enjoyed being the team captain more than the handball playing.

– started playing tennis because one of my ex-boyfriends had a passion for the white sport and I wanted to understand his passion so I could support him better.

– took a sports exam in high-school just to prove to myself that I can do it, because the teacher said it is hard for a woman to get the highest grade [even though taking History or Geography might have been easier]. I got the highest grade and proved I can do 20 push-ups and some fairly complicated gymnastics moves.

– have always been a fan of the mountain and did a lot of mountain trips

– did Tae-Bo 3 times/week for almost … 4 months with one of my boyfriends

I neglected to say the “low-volume” activities like: ice-skating, Pilates, roller-skating, skiing, and others like that did not happen frequently.

So, if we were in a court of law the advocate would say: “Circumstantial! Mrs. Stoian all your sports activities, except for hiking, have been circumstantial. None of them made because you felt the need or had the passion for it”.

– True, my answer would be. But isn’t life a matter of circumstances? And throwing oneself in the mist of circumstances is the best way to entertain and push oneself.

And now I find myself in yet another circumstance, where, I have to do a new sport, for another reason other than: I like. I will run 7.6 km in the Munich Marathon, on the 10th of October…this year.

It all started when Amaury, a colleague, asked me one morning, in the elevator, if I run. Thinking about coffee and half asleep I answered: “Don’t we always run from something?” By the middle of the next sentence I heard myself saying: “Yes, sure. If you do not find anyone else to join the team, I will do it.”

When I reached my desk and sat down I realized what I said. I felt no panic which was interesting because I knew I had done something stupid, and was supposed to feel panic at the idea of facing a new dragon. But the more I thought about it, the more excited I became at the idea of doing something new, something that I know for sure I am not good at, something that will help me test my limits more, something that people will say I can not do. 2 days later I told Daniel that I am doing it and his answer was: “Great! I am glad you are doing it!”

So, when I met Amaury in the office kitchen I thanked him for telling me about the Marathon, and started training. The team I am in consists of other 4 people and we have split the 40 km distance. Some are running 5,5 km, 8km, 10 km, etc and I am running the last part, the last 7.6 km. To make things even more interesting, the last part is where all the people will be on the stadium where the olympic games were held. That is the part where I can keep the team’s time together, improve it or crumble and fail. History will say. But unless something breaks in my body, I will do all I can.

Today will be my 3rd training. I made a plan of running every evening and 2 times per day during the weekend and I will stick to my plan even if it will kill me.

Until the 10th of October …there is not much time. And I have a stupid cold and it is quite hard to run with your nose running. I reason it like this: if I can run feeling like shit then I will get so much better when I will feel good again. But I am running 6 km, with 2 stops and I am still trying to work my head around: what should I eat, how fast should I run, is my spleen hurting, are my shoes good enough, should I buy an iPod, am I drinking too much water … and others like that.

Talk more tomorrow. Until then, here is my extra motivation:


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