The Peru Poisonous Frog and Monogamy

“Genetic tests have revealed that male and females of one species of Peruvian poison frog remain utterly faithful”, says CNN. The irony to me is that the news is classified as a mystery. Wow! There is a species out there that is completely monogamous! Quite the rare thing… what an irony. We are so accustomed with polygamy that monogamy becomes a true mystery and when a poor frog turns out to be monogamous, the news travels the world with the speed of light.

Which only reminds me of the story with the frog in the boiling water. You take one frog and you trow it in a bowl full of 45 C hot water. What will the frog do? Of course, jump.

You take another frog and you put it in a bowl full of 20 C warm water. What will the frog do at 30 C? Sit there. What will the frog do at 50C? Sit there.

But let’s see what the research revealed. Why is the small frog monogamous?

It seems it has no choice. The frog has to be monogamous. “The variable poison frog [non-monogamous] lays its eggs in much bigger pools of water, five times as large on average than those used by the mimic poison frog [monogamous]. Also, in the variable poison frog the female plays no part in their raising, leaving their care to the male frog only…. Researchers believe they have found convincing evidence of an evolutionary chain of causation: changing the breeding pool size forced the mimic poison frog to change its system of parental care, with males and females working together. That then culminated in social and genetic monogamy. If the pools were bigger, the frogs wouldn’t have to remain faithful, as they wouldn’t be tied by their need to work together to raise their brood.”

As for humans, monogamy seems to be as relative as Einstein’s’ theory. Monogamy doesn’t seem to depend on the size of the brain, the color of the eyes, the experiences, the number of surrounding females, the size of the bank account, the cup size, the quantity of hormones or the length of the…hair. It seems to depend on all of that and, in the same time, it depends on nothing. Since nowadays you can cheat without screwing and screw without cheating, monogamy seems like an antique piece of furniture you forgot in the attic. At least this seems to be the general acceptation, but not my own.

In my opinion cheating is whatever conscious detail, fact or feeling that separates your thought from the person you are with and makes you belong to someone else, even if it is just for 1 minute. It can be a kiss, a night, 10 min of flirting, anything that involves consciousness. From what I have noticed, phenomena is inversely proportional to the amount of time spent together and directly proportional to the quality of the time and proofs of love in the couple. Example: less time spent together leads to more cheating and low quality signs of affection leads to more cheating.

I am too radical…I know. But hear my logic: I am radical because of a perfectly selfish reason: pride. I think I am worthy of being in somebody’s mind all the time, I think I deserve someone that knows how to love me and does that, I think I know how to keep a guy’s love alive. So cheating would be him stepping on my woman pride and I do not stand that, frog or no frog!


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