Munchen and football

Even before I arrived to Munich I made a bullet in my to do list with: go see a match on Allianz Arena. So you can imagine how happy I was when, for my birthday, Robert bought me a ticket to Bayern Munchen – Greuther Furth.  We went there Wednesday, on the 10th of Feb, around 18.30, on a blistering cold. I think there were -7 degrees that day. Me and 4 guys. First I stood in the U-Bahn [metro station] and waited for a “kinda full” metro train to come. All were packed with people going to the match. During the game the announcer said we were 50.000 people in the stadium that day. FYI: full capacity is 66.000 seats.

Here is what I noticed about German/Munchen behavior during a soccer game: most of them sit down and enjoy a soccer game like they are watching theater, not so much passion into it, like the Italians do it. If you want to scream your lungs out you have to take a seat in the gallery section, in the back of one gate, that is where the fun is. When a player scores, Munchen people have a very cute way of being happy about it: they dance for about 20 sec and then:

– Announcer: The goal belongs to Herman ….

– People: Muller!

– Announcer: Number …

– People: 22

– Announcer: The score is now 7 for Bayern and for X team…

– People: O! [they always say the other team has O even if the score is 1 to 1]


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