Hot date with Munich

Tonight the city was my date. Since my friends refused my invitation to go see Mucha’s exhibition at Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung, I decided to treat my self with some much needed art, after a day of many tasks at work. So I bravely strolled to Marien Platz through snow, looking for some R&R – relaxation, relaxation. 5 minutes after I realized I was lost, and 1 hour before the gallery closed, I started asking people on the street for directions. I got directions, and more: Mucha is a Czech painter and sculptor that became famous in Paris, after sketching a poster to advertise a play with Sarah Bernhardt, the most famous actress in Paris, in those days (the 60’s). He later became obsessed with Sarah Bernhardt face and “doodled” her in many of his paintings.
This is what I found out from a woman on the street, while I was asking her how to get to Theatinerstrasse 8. We had a 2 minutes conversation as she walked me to the gallery. She spoke a perfect English and we immediately liked each other. She liked me so much that when we got to the gallery, she went inside with me, took out her MasterCard Gold and got me a free ticket.
It turns out that in Munich rich people with Gold status on their cards, get free entrance to art events. Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around…poor p
eople getting more education?
Either way, I was pleased. The city was giving me a free ticket.
After I said thank you to the lovely woman, I entered the exhibition. It was great.
Oil paints, red background, fine music, and Mucha’s women smiling from each corner or canvas. I must say I was impressed with its sculpture, rather than the paintings. His Mucha Lady was gracious and imperfect and I liked it. After I got out of the exhibition, I walked with a saxophone song playing in the background, from one of the many restaurants near by.
All in all, a perfect date with Munich.


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