I’m moving. Have to pack. Organize. Reorganize. Get nervous. Calm down.

I like traveling because I like to get in contact with new things. Don’t like moving though. But this week I have to do that. I spent almost 1 year in one 3 rooms apartment in center town and now I have to move. I will no longer have a view from the 7th floor and mostly I feel sad about that. I calm myself down with the fact that it is just something I have to do whether I like it or not, so can’t do anything to change it. In my heart, I really don’t want to do it but…

Last night I started packing my things and getting rid of all the unnecessary things gathered in time: old letters, magazines, cd’s I never watched and never will. I spend a whole half an hour on the balcony just staring at the city lights, trying to breath it all in and take it with me.

I felt sad.

I still do and there’s nothing that can change that.

Just breath in, breath out.


Besides that, I found a cute thing on the net today. A designer’s furniture combo pack.

Casulo (it’s name is Portugese for cocoon) is just a prototype but it has generated a lot of buzz across Europe. Developed in Germany Casulo is an entire room that fits inside a suitcase. The trunk measures much the same size but it contains a bed, bookcase, filing cabinets, stools and the suitcase itself becomes a closet thanks to magnetic clothes hangers. Not only ingenious, this room in a suitcase is also aesthetically pleasing with clean, modern lines.


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