Punctuation and personal branding

This morning, while drinking my morning coffee I had an interesting conversation with a person I never met in my life. HP as in Horia Popa and not Hewlett Packard, is the name of the person.
The person is in my msg list as a result of a punctuation accident. I was trying to reach a friend with the same name and accidentally sent the message to another person with the same name.
So, this morning I approached the person with the purpose of apologizing
for adding him for no reason and thus deleting it from my msg list.

And he told me something interesting. He googled my name. He found my blog, my company site, linkedin profile, some newspaper articles I wrote, etc. The impression he made about me was [quote] “a positive image online. good personal branding”.
My ego was….of course high. I got a good feedback.
Apart from that, I find it refreshing that I don’t have to t
alk that much explaining people who I am and what I do. Just google me !
Ok. Got to split now. I have to work and finish my coffee.

Please close this page after you finish reading this cuuute joke:

A hamster and a rat were sitting on the side of a swimming pool.
They were enjoying the sun. Suddenly the rat turned to the hamster and asked him:
– Dude,
How come people consider me a nuisance, and you a pet?
How come people pay money to have you, while they are trying to kill me? How come you are considered a cute little animal, while I am considered creepy and disgusting? How come you live in a warm home, and I have to stay
in the sewer?

So the hamster answered:
– It’s branding, dude !

Thank you Gabi for the joke.

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