Google can’t use Gmail name in EU

I knew about this for a while but I expected a final legal sentence. And this week it came.
This weak, the Trademark Agency of the European Union, located in Luxembourg, denied Google’s bid for the right to use within the EU the name of its popular e-mail program, Gmail.
To paraphrase Carl von Clausewitz, economic war is also politics by other means especially in the European Union.
It seems that there is a company in Germany called P1 Private that offers a service that lets users send files and messages through a central e-mail system — it’s called G-Mail, for its founder Daniel Giersch. G-Mail was created in 2000; Gmail in 2004.
Despite Google’s argument that the two services have little to do with one another, that the two logos look very different and that P1 Private’s G-Mail logo also includes a tag line that translates as “… and the mail really takes off,” the Trademark Agency ruled for P1, saying that there was too great a “likelihood of confusion.”
In doing so, the agency upheld a similar decision by a lower board in January.

Google will, of course, appeal (I assume that throwing money at Herr Giersch has failed – last time I read they offered him 250.000 $), but at this point the odds are getting very long. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that Google, just by being Google, never had a chance… because – “…economic war is also politics by other means especially in the European Union .” And I agree with Mr. von Clausewitz

for more information on this subject – just Google it ! 🙂

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