Innocent Smoothies

I have never tasted an Innocent Smoothie. Did you?

But I know how it is supposed to taste like. Smooth, natural, mellow, refreshing, friendly and gentle. Because there are the attributes that the company’s mission and value send to me.
What it is more amazing to me is that this brand is starting to create a feeling in my soul. I discovered Innocent Smoothies brand a few months ago while net surfing. And since then, I can’t seem to get enough. I watch their site regularly, I approve or disapprove on their blogs and so on…

Der winter ist vorbei? Nein. Lassen Sie uns daran erinnern… (the winter is gone? let us remember …)

Here is one of the reasons why Innocent Smoothies are starting to create a feeling in my soul.
Every winter Innocent Smoothies in the UK asks people (and many grandmothers) to knit lots of little hats for their smoothie bottles. Called “The Big Knit”, these behatted bottles then go on sale in November and for every one sold Innocent will give 50 pence to Age Concern — who will use the money to provide support to older people in winter including hot meals, blankets and advice on how to keep their houses warm.

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