Wikipedia and Deletopedia

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Second, and most important, if you have the time, spear a moment and read this …

…”people did help they were given a flattering name. They weren’t called “Wikipedia’s little helpers,” they were called “editors.” It was like a giant community leaf-raking project in which everyone was called a groundskeeper. Some brought very fancy professional metal rakes, or even back-mounted leaf-blowing systems, and some were just kids thrashing away with the sides of their feet or stuffing handfuls in the pockets of their sweatshirts, but all the leaves they brought to the pile were appreciated. And the pile grew and everyone jumped up and down in it having a wonderful time. […] I adored the Wikipedia when it was first launched and I contributed to a number of articles, some extensively, and always anonymously. The Wikipedia then was a riot of contributors, each adding bits and pieces to the articles they were familiar with, with nary an admin or editor in sight. […]

So there was this exhilarating sense of mission—of proving the greatness of the Internet through an unheard-of collaboration. Very smart people dropped other pursuits and spent days and weeks and sometimes years of their lives doing “stub dumps,” writing ancillary software, categorizing and linking topics, making and remaking and smoothing out articles—without getting any recognition except for the occasional congratulatory barnstar on their user page and the satisfaction of secret fame. Wikipedia flourished partly because it was a shrine to altruism—a place for shy, learned people to deposit their trawls. […]

A few weeks later, somebody replaced everything with:

A piece of antivandalism software, VoABot II, reverted that edit, with a little sigh, less than a minute after it was made. […]”

You can find all the story and it is worth reading-> here crayon physics


2 thoughts on “Wikipedia and Deletopedia

  1. I really liked Nicholson’s idea, so I created It automatically archives articles marked for deletion on a daily basis.I still have a little work to do on it, including a logo :o) so any suggestions are welcome.Paul

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