IPlayer – I’m Impressed

I haven’t had a proper chance to play with the iPlayer until today, and I’m seriously impressed.
It comes with the promise of ‘making the unmissable, unmissable’, and it does this in spades.
For lucky UK viewers, they get to watch what they want when they want online. The iPlayer lets you catch up with the programmes you’ve missed on BBC during the last 7 days.
First impression is an appealing interface clearly designed with far more than a PC screen and mouse in mind. It would be just as easy to use with a remote control or mobile phone-pad. The interface allows you to dip straight into promoted content on the home page, or browse content by when it was aired, by category or an A-Z search.
I was watching Eastenders in seconds. The video was quick to play. You can toggle between a framed and full-screen view. Sound and picture quality is excellent.
You can also choose to download videos to your computer to watch whenever you want. To do this you need to download and install the iplayer application, which worked a breeze with Vista.
This is a fabulous application. It is clearly built with a multi platform ethos which makes it a powerful tool for the BBC to distribute their content across new digital channels. It allows the BBC to meet the changing needs of its viewers.
For viewers, the iPlayer gives them the chance to watch what they’ve missed on traditional broadcast television whenever or wherever they want it… it is a virtual personal video recorder that never needs setting and allows you to watch what you want, when you want it.
Once ‘the last ten feet’ between the PC and TV has finally been bridged, people will seamlessly view web content on the TVs in their living rooms. For those that have already achieved this, it wouldn’t surprise me if this where the ‘application of choice’ for viewing BBC content.

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