What can you do with a bunch of dust? Build a country !!!

Today I went to a movie and in the middle of it, at one scene, I started weeping. I cried for the incredible truth in that movie – Charlie’s Wilson War(2007).
Just like me, I am sure you have heard of that story where somebody does a great thing and at the end, in the last minute, something happens and all goes to hell. In this movie it’s about the future of a country. The story goes like this: cold War. Afghanistan is crushed by the soviet army. Millions killed, women rapped, children picking up mines that look like toys and getting themselves blown up…

This happened until a democratic Texas congressman Charlie Wilson conspired with a CIA officer named Gust Avrakotos to launch an operation to help the Afghan Mujahideen during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
The mission was a success. USA invested over 1 billion dollars in supporting, covertly, the army of Afghanistan. The Cold War ended with a free Afghanistan.
At the negotiations’ table, after the war was over, a few congressmen sat down. One of them said – “Let’s take just 1 million and build some schools in Afghanistan. To educate those 14 years old who don’t know how freedom tastes like and who need a strucure and a purpose in life and a civilization”.
The answer was – “NO!”
The honest truth was that after they freed Afghanistan, the americans FUCKED IT UP! They had to choose between investing in Europe (after the german wall fell) and investing in a bunch of ruble and dust. And all the attention was concentrated in building Mc’Donalds places in Europe… So Afghanistan was left alone, to root and breed terrorists.
The honest truth is told by this movie. No nice spin to it, just the truth. Charilie Wilson really existed and this is the story behind closed doors !
Sometimes it is better to start a thing and do it all the way !

4 thoughts on “What can you do with a bunch of dust? Build a country !!!

  1. here’s another perspective… why think that the us “helped” afghanistan and did a great thing by that? why think that the us cared one bit about the future of afghanistan? i think they didn’t, not one bit (maybe charlie, his last quote is real, but he said it years after the end of the war… “These things happened. They were glorious and they changed the world… and then we fucked up the endgame”), they cared about themselves and their cold war with soviet union. which they won. cheap. using, then dumping the afghans. a successful operation indeed at that point. a history lesson i guess.the fact that history turned against them in the end is another thing… the 14 year olds from those times which grew on a pile of rocks are now terrorists and spread panic in the civilised world causing huge fear and losses (september 11 for instance). even us lost and still loose billions… which they could have avoided by building those schools. and also could have won a great ally there. i guess that sooner or later, people pay for their mistakes… us didn’t fuck up afghanistan (the afghans have a better life now, they are left alone, in those times they were killed by the russians…), they just ended hurting themselves.

  2. I think that US did a great thing by helping Afghanistan. Of course, having a personal interest. But they managed to stop the killings and free Afghanistan. The thing that makes me angry is that they freed Afghanistan from soviets and let them root into terrorist hands. By being greedy and not building schools etc, they just changed one oppression with another. Traded Soviet Army for a Terrorist Army. This is the honest truth and the only one I know.

  3. Hmm… The soviet regime was a oppression, of course, trying to repress the mujahedins’ resistence and also killing civilians, but the terrorist-supported taliban regime was a different thing. The terrorist support was chosen voluntarely by the most powerful military faction, the talibans, not imposed from outside. The old freedom fighters, the mujahedins, turned voluntarely into terrorists, fighting not only against Russia, but mostly against the International troops led by the US and against the Western society, by terrorist attacks like the ones from New York or Madrid. What I’m trying to say is that the afghan warriors turned from their own will from freedom fighters for a noble and right cause to cruel and coward terrorists, spreading fear and death into the innocents. Yes, this could have been maybe avoided if the country would have been rebuilt then, but we’ll never know that. Ironically maybe, it was again the US that lead an international coalition that vanquished the taliban government and, after negotiations with the mujahedins, a new, democratic government was established. Now Afghanistan is a free country with their own government, under the protection of an international assistance force. Also, they are a strategic partner and ally of US, who invest billions annually in rebuilding the country’s infrastructure.So maybe they learned from their old mistakes now and won’t repeat them… hopefully.

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